Taken 2 Movie Trailer


Let’s take a breath after watching this trailer and acknowledge the fact that a sequel to “Taken” exists and is coming to theaters in two months, and that this is a glorious thing. Next, let’s soak in the brutal opulence of this fittingly grim first look: the collection of capital-v Villains sprinkling dirt on a grave and vowing revenge against that kick-ass coot Liam Neeson; the virtuoso retread of the cell phone call from Neeson’s character to his daughter, this time to tell her that her mother has been taken; the operatic vocals that swell as the blistering montage of violence carries on. This trailer is composed of the popcorn drama that made the original “Taken” such a thrill — and that final exchange between Neeson and the lead gang member certainly makes it sound like there are more “Taken’s” ahead of us. This isn’t the first trailer for “Taken 2″ (a less comprehensive look was released in June), but it’s easily the best.