Twista Feat. Tia London – Its Yours (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Beyond Ratchet: New Orleans Female Twerking With One Leg!

CIA Prank In The Hood Gets Too Real! (Dude Pulls Out A Gun)

Jokes: White Preachers And Black Preachers

Making Homeless Guys Arm Wrestle For $100!

Nipsey Hussle Takes Part In Trayvon Martin Crenshaw Rally!

Had Him Tapping Out: 34 Year Old Man Gets His A$$ Beat By A 17 Year Old Kid!

Indiana Police Officer Pushes Over Disabled Man In His Wheelchair

Tech N9ne Performs A Tribute To His Late Mother On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“Send An Ambulance, He’s Gonna Need One” Father Beats Teen He Caught Allegedly Molesting His Son

Racist Florida Man Charged With Attempted Murder Tells Judge He Doesn’t Want A “Negro” Public Defender!

Little Boy Knocks Out Huge Bully For Messing With His Friend!

The Sloppiest Fight: Two Old Heads Scrapping In Eastern Europe

It’s Serious: 9-Year-Boy Remarries His 62-Year-Old Wife To Please Ancestors!

J.R. Smith On Carmelo Anthony Resigning To The Knicks & What Happened Last Season!

Lol: Sky News Reporter Adam Boulton Swallows A Fly Live On Air!

Hollow Took Shots At Joe The Whole Interview: Joe Budden & Hollow Da Don Interview With The Breakfast Club!

Ja Rule Interview With The Breakfast Club!

Stacy Dash On Kanye West Comparing Paparazzi To Being Raped “He Needs To Spend Some Time On Rikers Island… Then He’ll Know What Rape Is”

5 Year Old Chinese Kid Operates A Tractor Like A Boss!

It Went Down In Southside Minneapolis: Gay Dude Smashes Car Window Of A Group Of Somali Teens!

It’s A Hobby For Them: Ratchet Girls Twerking In Public!

David Banner Dropping Knowledge For Aspiring Artists And Rappers, New Gatorade Commercial & New Business Ventures!

NYPD Officers Arrest Man On The Train For Sleeping On The Way Home From Work!

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Reach Me (Starring Sylvester Stallone, Nelly) (Movie Trailer)

Teen Sets His Body On Fire While In The Shower

1-Year-Old Amputee Keeps Pushing Saying “I Got It”!

Love Story Like No Other: Conjoined Twins From India Both Find Love In One Man

You Wanna See My Balls Prank Gone Wrong!

F*ck Her Right In The Pussy Hits Univision & FOX News!

Health Is Wealth: Radio Personality “Big Boy” Talks About How Losing Weight Saved His Life! (Used To Weigh 500 Pounds)

Study Finds Pre-K Suspensions Target Black Students!

Floyd Mayweather Announces Maidana 2 On September 13th And A “Big Surprise” In May!

Amazing Driver Assist Program: Cars That Can Pretty Much Drive Themselves!

Camron “First Of The Month” Film Episode 1

WTH: Katt Williams Going Hard At A Rock Show!

So This Is The Newest Challenge Taking Off? 4 Dudes & 4 Chairs!

Tiny Curves Floyd Mayweather When He Tries To Talk To Her At The BET Awards Red Carpet!

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This Girl Swears She Spotted Tupac At The 2014 BET Awards!